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Kellys Sweater

Easy Print PDF:

Simply Soft yarn, size G7 hook
Size ( to make larger use a larger hook)

edited January 2009: I have recently taken measurements of this sweater and compared to baby size charts and this sweater is larger than I thought, the new size is 6-9 months not newborn if made with a G hook and Simply Soft yarn.

Here are the measurements of my sweater:
Neckline: 12"
Chest: 19" measured under arm
Sleeves: 4" from under arm to wrist.
Sleeves SHOULD be 5" so add 2 rows to length.

Gauge of my sweater is 4 stitches=1 inch and 2 rows= 1 inch.

Chain 50

Row 1: dc in 4th ch from hook and next 4 chs, work 3dc in next ch (corner), dc in next 6 chs, 3dc in next ch(corner),
dc in next 12 chs, 3dc in next ch(corner), dc in next 6chs, 3dc in next ch(corner), dc in last 14 chs. Ch 2,turn.

Rows 2-7: dc in each st putting 3dc in center st of each corner. Ch2, turn.

Row 8: dc in each st to first corner, ch 5, dc in center st of second corner, dc across to center st of third corner,
ch 5, dc in center of fourth corner and each st to end.

Click here to see pictures of how to make armholes (row 8)

Rows 9-19: Ch 2, turn, dc in each st across. (at end of row 19 ch 1)

Edging: work sc up front side placing buttonholes where you want them. Continue sc around neck, down Left side and across
bottom placing 3 sc in each corner. join to first sc, finish off.

* Work 10 rows dc for sleeves and one sc*
Sleeves: join yarn to center stitch at bottom on armhole, DC around. Work 8 rows total for sleeves.
Row 9, sc around sleeve.

2007 Kelly Kearney
If you make one as a gift please consider making one for charity.
Do not sell pattern or items made from pattern.
Do not post pattern at another site, please post just the link.


Kirsten said…
that is soo pretty. Thanks for posting the pattern!
Anonymous said…
What a sweet baby sweater! And this blog is such a lovely idea. Thanks for inspiring me!
Kelly said…
Glad you both liked it! I'd love to see pix if you make it. Thanks so much for the comments!
Anonymous said…
So you won't get upset I have a similar pattern like your kelly sweater I accidently made up the pattern 4yrs ago when I was playing with some yarn .So if you see another baby sweater that look like yours please don't be upset.Its just great minds thik alike.
Anonymous said…
So you won't get upset I have a similar pattern like your kelly sweater I accidently made up the pattern 4yrs ago when I was playing with some yarn .So if you see another baby sweater that look like yours please don't be upset.Its just great minds think alike.I make mine to sell and as gifts I haven't made many but when I do people like it.I had to do this post over.
Anonymous said…
Hello I love your baby sweater and you make them for a great cause god bless you.
easycrafts said…
on ur blog first time...its very nice. Planning to do this pattern of yours. Please check out my blogs
Peggy said…
Thanks so much for sharing this pattern. It's so cute. I made it. It's my first baby sweater! Everyone loves it.

Here's the link to see a pic.

Bourbonnais, IL
Anonymous said…
Wow Thank You so much for the Beautiful sweater pattern...My daughter is 2 so I used a size I crochet hook hoping that would make it bigger for her...So far it looks like it will fit...I haven't totally finished...I need to do the sleeves and what not...But the pattern worked up so easy...I did get kinda confused on what part, but there was clarification right there to help..Thanks so much!
crochet fool said…
very pretty ! I am making one right now for my friends sister who just had a baby girl. Thanks a lot
Anonymous said…
Your patterns are the BEST .... I have made this sweater over and over. I just love it. Keep that creative mind working.. I really appreciate all you put into your patterns.
Gina said…
your instructions seem so simple. I'm going to try one for my niece. Thanks !
Tara said…
hi love this pattern I,d like to make it for a 3year old do you have a pattern for a larger size instead of using a larger hook

signed Tara Gosik
Kelly said…
Hi Tara, Christina converted it to a larger size for her daughter. It is a 4/5.
bthne83 said…
This is such a great pattern! I've always been to scared to try making anything other than scarves and blankets for fear I couldn't follow a pattern, I made a BEAUTIFUL fall cardigan for my 7 month old and everyone has commented on how cute it is. Thanks!
Honey Dew said…
I made this sweater instead of the cardigan one and it turned out great for my grand daughter. I made a hat to go with it that also used simply soft yarn, it makes quite a cute set with the teddy bear buttons I found. Thank you. Now to look at your other patterns. Do you think this one would be ok for a boy in the right colors?
susan said…
Susan said

Thanks so much for sharing this
Pattern. It.s so cute i made it.
Anonymous said…
Susan Said making your kelly sweater;s
for charity.
thank you
Anonymous said…
Your work its so good and pretty, Good Bless you for donations.
Anonymous said…
Hi can u explain me how do u do the sleeves? Should I add chain ???
I love the sweater. thanks for sharing the pattern.
Bloggymommer said…
I used this sweater pattern.

So So So easy, and SO cute. I got tons of compliments.

I used sock weight yarn, and multiplied the pattern by 1.5. It fit my small son at 2 months old.

I also alternated front-loop-only and back-loop only.

The link has a picture of the sweater.
Anonymous said…
I am making this for my daughter and so far it is surprisingly easy!However I am a little unclear about row 8, can you clarify a little more? Thanks :)
cheebs said…
It took me only 3 days to make this sweater. Thanks for posting a pattern clear enough a novice like me can follow! :)
Kelly said…
To the last Anonymous poster, please check out my armhole tutorial to see how to do row 8.
Anonymous said…
I feel so silly! I didn't realize that row 8 WAS the armhole! It makes sense now, thanks so much for clearing that up!!
julie said…
i wanted to take a moment and thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial! i have always wanted to make a baby sweater and was never able to until i used your pattern. your instructions were GREAT!!!!!!!!! if you decide to write a crochet book, please let us know because i will be one of the first to purchase one!
thank you and God bless!
Christa said…
I'm a beginner and was delighted to be able to make a sweater! Thanks for sharing your pattern. I've made 3 already for friends' babies. I'm shortening the sleeves for summer. Would it be okay for me to donate one of these sweaters to a raffle to support my local midwives?
Kelly said…
Hi Christa, glad you like the pattern, sure you can donate one for raffle.
Em said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Em said…
Thanks for sharing this! I made one yesterday for my 7wo lo (there is a bad pic here:

Interested in your size estimate though, as I used a 5mm hook, so one size bigger than yours and it only just fits him, he is a big baby, but no where near 6mo! I also needed to add rows onto the arms.

Really easy pattern though - planning to make another later.
Kelly said…
Hi Em, I couldn't see your picture, the link doesnt' work.
Like I wrote I got my sizing from measurements I found on the internet. It is frustrating sometimes to figure out sizes, I don't have any children so I don't really have an idea of how big babies really are. I have tried buying baby clothes and comparing them, but I dont' know how accurate the sizing is on them either.
Anonymous said…
this was the quickest sweater i've ever made. love love love it! i'm going to make a bunch of them! thanks for the great pattern!
Anonymous said…
i used your pattern but did a hdc for the edge on one and then a scallop edge on another. they are super cute as little sweater t's!
Kate said…
Has anyone converted this to a size 3 yet? I tried the link to Christina's conversion to a 4/5 but its not working. Gorgeous sweater!
Anonymous said…
Would love to know how to make larger sizes! Thanks.
ani said…
my baby's neckline is 15 inches, below armhole circumference is 20 inches and I want to make a sweater 11 inches long. I am a beginner, my gauge is quite tight please advise me.
Kate said…
I've started with this pattern twice and both times I deviated but I think the results are pretty fantastic. In the first case I transformed it into a size 3(ish)and did 3/4 length sleeves for my daughter. This time around it turned into more of a cape w/ a really girly twist. Here are links in case anyone wants to check them out.
buy viagra said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
I'm hoping you can help me! This is such a cute pattern and looked straight forward enough for me to make as a novice crocheter. The body of the sweater went without incident, but now I'm working on the sleeves and when I crochet in every stitch around the arm holes, I end up with arm holes that are 31 stitches! They're wide enough that I can stick my wrist through the sleeve. What did I do wrong? Thanks!
Anonymous said…
i've just finished this darling sweater in palest pink and added a scalloped edge along the bottom. this was my first sweater and your pattern was soo easy to follow and the sweater turned out beautifully. i only wish i'd been able to make sweaters for my babies (6&9 now). thanks soo much! <3 ellynfrances
Adrian said…
very pretty ! I am making one right now for my friends sister who just had a baby girl. Thanks a lot.DirecPC
Melissa said…
love the pattern! thanyou! your sweaters are all just perfect and theyre quick and easy work...thank you so much. i crochet using disconted or discontinued yarn for friends and family that are expecting, because i cannot always affort a fancy gift. great job!
i <3 Metallica too! LOL. i have a feeling you and i would get along quite nicely :)
Melissa said…
PS..there is also so many ways to tweak this pattern to add something extra to it. and it also looks great with no sleeves over a long sleeve tshirt...this will be a favorite for a long time!
Anonymous said…
I am a beginner and thought that Kelly's Sweater looked like something I could do. However, could someone please tell me if the turning ch 2 counts as the first double. Thanks.
Kelly said…
Yes, the chain 2 counts as the first DC.
Anonymous said…
how many stitches are we suppose to have for 2-5 rows; row 6; row 7 and the sleeve around
sheri said…
love you pattern but a beginner at sweater (firtst) and tried it but sweater was not right. I have been taught you should have numbers at the end of you rows. I just need to find out how many stitches for the end of rows. Thanks because i love them all..
Janet said…
Thank you Kelly, I have searched the web for a baby sweater. I can hardly wait to get started on it.

Your patterns are the BEST .... I have made this sweater over and over. I just love it. Keep that creative mind working.. I really appreciate all you put into your patterns.Thanks for inspiring me!
It is nice to find a site like this. My first visit to your site is been a big help.
Anonymous said…
Making this for a baby shower gift. This is working up really easy and quickly. Funny thing is, her name is Kelly. :D
localplumber said…
that's a very cute outfit for a baby. I like it,

Have a nice day,
Ahwatukee plumbers
Walnut Shoppe said…
Thanks for the pattern !
Like it so much !!
Thank you for sharing the pattern. I am beginner at crochet just basic stitch, I knit mostly. Great blog.
best wishes julie.c
Lee Ann said…
Awesome baby sweater, thanks very much!
:) :)
Lee Ann

My new blog: Crochetgottaloveit
My website: Crochet...Gotta Love It!
Anonymous said…
I love this pattern, it is so easy to follow and quick to make up. I have just fnished 2 gorgeous little jackets and mixed and matched the wool,added little flowers and slightly frilled the edge on one. I added two sweet little berets to match... quickly rinsed them through in some fabric softener and as soon as they were dry... packaged them in robbon and gifted them to a nieghbour who had just had a new granddaughter.....and in my ecxitement to show them off forgot to take a photo of them!
Tatiana said…
The babysweater is very cute! I love your blog,so now I am following your blog.
Have a god one!
lene O said…
In the 1970s, I had a hooded pullover pattern using this same idea. After making at least a dozen, I played with the pattern to make a cardigan like yours and sold several. We all invent and reinvent.. I wrote out my directions and distributed to students in the free classes I taught at a local library, explaining how to size from newborn to 8 year olds.
Michele Feeley said…
I just finished making this sweater. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern. The directions were very easy to follow too. It came out beautifully. I'm kinda impressed with myself lol. Thank you
HI,Kelly. I can't seem to find the pdf for this adorable sweater. Everytime I try to download it, it says "file not found". Any help you can suggest?
Mary Beth
Kelly said…
It's working for me on my laptop but not my phone. Which way are you trying to look at it?

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