Thursday, March 15, 2007

So much to do!

There are too many things to do and too little time in a day. Too many cool knitting patterns to try, too much crocheting to do for the little ones, learning how to do this whole blog thing, reading a book. Then there is the regular life things that get in the way. Food shopping, cleaning, brushing the dog, running errands. I don't think I'm ever going to catch up. The trick of course is to stop searching the net for new patterns, new blogs, new anything. Its not like I don't have enough to keep me busy for the rest of my life. Oh yeah, did I mention I don't work. I don't know how you working ladies do it. Well I guess I'll go check in on my favorite blogs....then maybe knit that scarf or finish crocheting that baby sweater or read one of the magazines on my pile, or start that book.....

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Blanket Drive

It's time for Bella's Babies annual blanket drive. Check out the "Winter is Coming" post at our website.