Friday, April 20, 2007

6 lbs of Orange Yarn

"Why in the world would you need six pounds of orange yarn?"
Thats what you're asking yourself, isn't it?
The answer: LITTLE PUMPKIN HATS!!! The nurses at the hospital love to see little heads covered in hats that go with the season. So I will be spending my summer making little pumpkin hats and matching orange sweaters. Its not easy to find orange acrylic yarn that is soft enough to use for babies, so when I saw these mill ends at AC Moore I had to stock up.
On the knitting front I haven't got much done this week. I was working on a cast sock for wounded soldiers but I messed it up and had to frog. TiP: when you are exhausted and are putting your knitting down for the night WRITE DOWN WHERE YOU ARE LEAVING OFF!!
Don't trust yourself to remember the next day, chances are you won't remember.
I have done 3 blankets on the knitting machine, just have to crochet borders around them.
But tonight I hope to work on my sweater, I'm up to the part with the short row shaping, then the lace trim on the edge. I have to get the needles for that still. I forgot I was going to need it when I got the others.
Thats it for now, off to cast on another blanket.

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