Monday, April 2, 2007

Busy day...

I ran a bunch of errands this afternoon. I spent too much money and have no yarn to show for it. Then I made a newborn size blanket on my knitting machine in Royal blue. Tonight I've been working on an Easter dress for an American Girl doll. It came out nice. I'll work on the pattern tomorrow and hopefully post it here tomorrow afternoon. I found there are not a lot of free crochet patterns for A.G. Dolls. I bought a fake one at Michaels and am using her to try and design some clothes for them. My neighbors daughter has a few of them so I make the clothes for her. Usually just for holidays. I do want to get the camo yarn and make an outfit for mine. They have one that has pink in it, so cute.

Last night I cast on my Sahara sweater for the KAL at the sexy knitters club. I got a lot done. I worked on it for about 10 hours. I probably won't put that kind of time in again. I get a little gung-ho when I start something new.


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