Saturday, April 7, 2007

Camo Pants, Shanny and other ramblings

How cute are these? I made little bell bottom camo pants for the faux AG doll. They match mine. I'll post the pattern later.

I'm a HUGE hockey fan and my team made the playoffs!!! Tonight is their last regular season game. I'll be watching and knitting. Go Rangers!!!

BTW, I love this man!!! Go Shanny!!!

Last night I crocheted borders on 2 machine knit blankets I made. I have 2 more to do then I'll knit up some more. I am actually trying to finish things before starting more. I don't know how long that will last. I want to start of box of baby sweaters for next fall and winter. That way I should have a decent amount when the time comes. I'll probably work on Christmas colored ones too. I made the cutest snowman pullover last year but I only had time to get one done. If I start now I can aim for at least a half dozen or so.

This is my sweater for the KAL. I've got a lot done in the last week. I think when I get to the lace work around the neckline and the sleeves it will slow me down. I'm making the short sleeve version. I've never picked up stitched before, that will be interesting. If it comes out good I will make the long sleeved version. I really like it, it has bell sleeves and I LOVE that look.
One of these days I will learn how to put links in my posts so I can show you what I am talking about.

Have a happy and blessed Easter!!

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