Thursday, April 5, 2007

Cold Spring Day

I woke up in a foul mood today. I decided I needed to get out. Its cold again here on L.I but I refused to put on a heavy coat dammit. I layered instead. Went to Michaels and got shoes and cool shades for the faux A.G. doll. Then I went to walmart and got a new boombox for my craft room. The cd player in the stereo I have is broke. I don't like listening to the radio when I am in the middle of a project because I constantly have to stop and change the station when a song I don't like comes on. And that happens alot. They don't play music I like on the radio. So now I can put in what I like and craft away. I finished up at A.C. Moore where I got some camo yarn to make a rockin' outfit for the faux A.G. doll and some skeins of pink to make baby blankets on the knitting machine. All I have is boy colors.

I put some rows on my Sahara last night. Hope to get some more done tonight. I want to get to the part where it is worked in the round, no purling, I can knit much faster that way.

Time to cook dinner.

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