Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Little Baby shorts

 * Edited 1/2010, added pants length to pattern.   
Baby weight yarn 
Size G6 hook 
Ch 60, join chain being careful not to twist. 
row 1: ch 2, dc in each chain around, join to top of ch 2. (60 dcs) 
row 2-12: Ch 2, dc in each dc around, join. 
row 13: ch 2, dc in next 29 dcs, skipping rest of row join to top of ch 2. (30 dcs) (this form the first leg) 
row 14-?: ch 2, dc around, join. Work as many rows as you like to get the length you want, the picture has 2 rows. 
 Second leg: join yarn to first skipped st of row 12, ch 2, dc around, join to top of ch 2. 
repeat rows 14-? of first leg. 
 **To make Pants: work 11 rows dc for each leg. 
 Last row for legs: 
girls: ch 1, sc in same st, (ch 2, sc in next st.) around. finish off 
boys: ch 1, sc in same st, sc in each st around. finish off. 
2007 Kelly Kearney 
If you make one as a gift please consider making one for charity. 
Do not sell pattern. 
Do not post pattern at another site, please post just the link. 


Aelita04 said...

These are so cute are they in newborn size?

Kelly said...

Yes they are, all of my baby patterns are for newborns.

daisy said...

can this pattern be change in a way to make a skirt. i have a picture in my mind of a skirt for a newborn but not the skill to work one out on my own. i've been tweaking patterns to no avail. :(

Kelly said...

HI Daisy, I would try this: on the row where you would join it, don't, and maybe work 2 dc in each stitch to get a little flare or try *1dc, 2dc in next st around* for less of a flare, then just dc around until it is as long as you like. Have fun!!

Karen said...

Let me start by saying I enjoy every minute of crocheting your patterns. I am making the baby shorts, and would like to make them in a shell stitch to match a dress....any suggestion? Do I just change the stitch or will I need to change the amount of stitches?

Anonymous said...
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Bostongurkan said...

Saw the pink outfit where these are matched up with one of Kelly's sweaters. Really cute! However, how do the shorts/pants stay up? Do you put a string in the waist or what do you use?

Luvuh said...

Could you make this pattern 4 12 month olds? Any comments or tips for a 10 yr old trying to make this for her little cousin?

Gmaw2000 said...

Love these shorts!

Like you, I also crochet for teen moms and moms in need..I donate baby sets to the local Pregnancy Center.

Thank you for posting your pattern/patterns.. I can so use them to make the boy sets!


Anonymous said...

These are really cute. Do you add elastic cord or drawstring to waist to keep them up ?
Thank you, Wilda

Kelly said...

I don't usually add anything, but when I do I use a drawstring. Just crochet a chain of about 60 or so.

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