Monday, April 16, 2007

Pants for American Girl Dolls

WW yarn (I used Bernat Camo yarn)

size G-6 hook

Chain 44 Join ch to form ring, do not twist

row 1: ch 2, dc in each ch around, join to ch 2.

rows 2-8: ch 2, dc in each dc around, join.

First Leg:

row 9: ch 2, dc in next 21 sts, skip last 22 sts, join to ch 2.

rows 10-17: ch 2, dc in each dc around, join to ch 2.

row 18: ch 2, 2dc in next st, (1dc in next st, 2dc in next st) around. Join to ch 2.

row 19: ch 2, dc in each dc around, joing to ch 2.

row 20: ch 1, sc in each dc around. join, finish off.

Second Leg:

row 9: join yarn to first skipped st of row 8. Ch 2, dc in each st around, join to ch 2.

repeat rows 10-20 of first leg.

To make shorts work 4 rows for legs.

To make capris work 7 rows for legs.

Pattern for the sweater can be found here

2007 Bella Bambina

Please do not sell items made from this pattern ;)


GCs Great Combination said...

There cute!

Kaye said...

Oh my goodness!!! Those are soooo cute!! I crochet for God's Tiniest Angels and our group loves your "Kelley's sweater." I'm new to our group and haven't gotten to make it yet but I see it all the time in our donation pictures. These pants are so cute. I would love to make some in actual baby size. Got any suggestions on how to go up on the size without losing the shape and proportions???? I like to listen to the classics too:::)))

Kelly said...

Hi Kaye, if you go to my patterns you will see baby shorts just make those but of course longer.

Anonymous said...

Just found this pattern and all I can say is THANK YOU!! My dolls are Madame Alexander Play dolls, and they are skinnier than AG, but all I had to do was go down a hook size and ta-da! Your patterns are easy to follow and have given my confidence a boost. All three of my "girls" thank you also. :D

jakesmom1 said...

I love the look af these pants , very cute indeed but I have a question, are you sure that these are done in double crochet? The picture looks so much like a single crochet and when I do the pattern my stitches look nothing like the picture. I know that you wrote double , but I am checking to make sure that perhaps it is not a single instead , Thanks for sharing the pattern.

Kelly said...

They are Double crochet.

Angi said...

Are they US double crochet or UK double? Because my pants seem longer and more "airy"???

Kelly said...

They are US double. Maybe you just crochet looser than I do. You could try using a smaller hook if you don't like the way they are coming out.

Anonymous said...

hey do we slip st so the first leg is a circle or do we sew it up hen we are done?

Kelly said...

Yes, the join is in row 9, its in the pattern.

Becky Sirwaitis said...

I am ready to start row 9 of my second leg. How do I join the yarn to the beginning of that row? I cut the yarn when I finished off the first leg, but now not sure how to connect yarn to row 9 of the second leg. Help please...thanks

Becky Sirwaitis said...

I just finished off and cut the yarn on the first leg of the pants. I am ready to begin row 9 of the second leg, but not sure how to join yarn to row 9. Help please....thanks

Becky Sirwaitis said...

Do you have a hat pattern to go with them adorable pants? If so, where would I be able to find it?

Kelly said...

you join it with a slip stitch.

Kelly said...

Sorry, no hat pattern.

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