Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saturday stuff

I started the day by running some errands. Then I parked myself in front of the tv to watch hockey, I got 3 baby hats done. My very own hat trick!

Yesterday I got 2 blankets done on the knitting machine, one newborn size and one preemie. For the preemie one I used Red Heart Strata, it is a self patterning yarn. I got it to knit hats but I just had to try it on the machine. One skein made an 18"x19" blanket.

In non charity news, I've made it to the hip shaping on my Sahara. Now it is time to increase. Then the short row shaping which I've never done. I hope its not too hard. I'd hate to get this far and screw it up. I tried it on before the waist shaping and it fit, now to put it back on waste yarn and try it again. That might wait until tomorrow though. We are expecting a 'noreaster here tomorrow. They say it will be the worst we've had in 15 years. yay. Just as long as the tv doesn't go out I'll be fine. I plan on curling up on the couch with some knitting and watching Nascar.

See ya!

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