Friday, June 15, 2007

Camo Baby Wear

What all the little fashionistas will be wearing home this fall. Gracie is wearing the 5 hour baby sweater in Bernat "Outback" Camo. This yarn is so soft and great to work with. I plan on making some more little camo baby outfits. It also comes in "fantasy camo" which has pink in it. My 9yr old neighbor thinks I should make it in the green camo and do a whole outfit (matching pants). I think that is a great idea.


Thata said...

Hi Kelly,

I really like this one... Great work. Your knitting project are great. Happy knitting always..


bevq said...

WOW- that turned out so adorable!! Did the stitch count on my pattern work for you?

It's a tricky pattern to count. 3 of us worked on that pattern for a weekend to get our counts to mesh with one another. =)


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