Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hats, Hats N More Hats!

As you can see I've been working on hats for the last two days. I made the first six yesterday. I used Pound of Love and made and newborn size and a preemie size in each color. That way I don't end up with more of one size.

This batch is from today. I also made a square and knit a hat yesterday.

I feel like I haven't been producing as much as I usually do so I'm trying to work a little harder.

I have a sweater done that needs sleeves and a matching hat. The sweater I was working on over the weekend didn't come out right so I have to frog it. Oh well. It happens.

I get my check tomorrow so I'm looking for some yarn to knit myself a pair of Monkey socks. It seems every blog I read someone has just finished or is working on them. I have to jump on this bandwagon. I'll let ya know what I get.

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Sharon said...

what beautiful crochet work you've been doing! I saw that you're after some yarn to make "Monkey" socks, and I am eager to make them too. It looks like a great pattern.

anyway, I haven't commented lately but I am enjoying reading your blog! Lovely flowers too. You're a lady of many talents.

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