Sunday, June 10, 2007

Knitting hats

I've been knitting hats this weekend. I was inspired by what I saw at Woolwindings.

She's always making the cutest little hats. So here is what I've done...

This is one of her patterns. The preemie spiral hat. This is the 3-5lb. size. I used size 6 needles instead, I also used Bernat softee baby. I'm not sure of the color, it was a leftover ball. I like the way the colors followed the spiral pattern.

This hat is also preemie, you can find the pattern here.

Again I used size 6 needles and pound of love yarn in Lavender. I made the small preemie size. It fits on my 2lb preemie doll. It is a little to small for the hospital I donate to so I will be making it in the largest size and maybe go up to size 8 needles. I really liked making it.

The next two hats I was just fooling around, there are no patterns for them. They are newborn size.The first one is done in leftover Natura One Pounders, the cuff is K3,P1. And the main part is seed stitch.
The second is done in Pound of Love in Pink and Lavender. The pink stripes are 5 rows of stockinette. The lavender stripes are 5 rows of garter. I really like how it came out. I'm going to do one in shades of blue next.
That has been my knitting fun for the weekend.


Sara said...

Great looking hats!

Sharon said...

those are just darling, thank you for posting pics and links to the patterns!

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