Saturday, July 21, 2007

I Sew too....

I made these great DPN pouches. They were so easy. I used some scraps I had and part of a fat quarter (the floral print). Now they should store much easier. I just kept them in the packages they came in. The pattern is for 5" needles but mine are 7" so I had to adjust the pattern. She explains how to change the length. I also found it tricky to turn the narrow ones inside out so I made the seam allowance a little smaller.


Sharon said...

How beautiful! and what a great idea. I was keeping my dpns in a needle roll, but they still fall out of the pockets. So I keep them in the containers they came in, even though that isn't always the best solution.

You are so clever!

Grace said...

They look great, and that fabric is so cute!

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