Sunday, July 29, 2007

On a roll...

I've crocheted 2 more sweaters since my last post. I also started knitting one last night. The one with the dog buttons is purple. The camera doesn't seem to like purple.

Been working on my monkey socks. I'm up to the foot part of the first one. I'm not really enjoying doing the lace pattern. I was going to rip it out but I really like the look of the lace. I'm going to have to start the second one right away or it'll never get done.

I also knit a mans hat for the troops. It seemed like it would never end, I'm so used to knitting preemie and baby hats. Its been a while since I've knit one for an adult. Its navy blue so I'm not sure if it will show up in a picture.

And in sewing news, I found a box with all my scraps in it. I'm going to cut them up into 4" squares and try my hand at a baby quilt. I found directions for a simple "scrappy quilt". I made a six square wall hanging once so I know I can do it.

Well back to NASCAR and some knitting, its a stormy day here on Long Island.


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