Saturday, August 25, 2007

Monkeys Finished!!!!

George insisted on modeling these.

I finally finished the Monkeys!!

I used Knit Picks Memories yarn (merino) in Rocky Mountain something or other. I think its "Dusk". I didn't make any modifications. The heel is little long but its not really a problem. I think they came out pretty damn good for my first fancy socks. The only pair I made before were just stockinette. My next pair will be the "Groovy" socks from sockpixie. I'll be knitting them with the yarn I dyed (the pink). I'm not sure how they will look. I started them last night and the color is blocking, you can't really call it pooling because it actually looks like little blocks of color. I ripped them out and am going to start again. Maybe if I start from a different spot they will look different. If not when the socks are done I will throw them into a pot of burgundy dye and see what happens.

More Sweaters

I got 2 more sweaters done this week. I know I can do more than 2 a week, I'm going to have to step it up a bit.

I 've got 2 little pumpkin hats and booties done in preemie sizes.

And (drum roll please) I finally finished my Monkey socks done last night!!! Pictures to come....

Monday, August 20, 2007

Little feet, big feet

The nurses in the NICU at Southside hospital requested little booties for the preemies. They want them to help keep the monitors on their little feet. Then the monitor readings will be more accurate. I love this pattern. They are quick, easy and best of all no sewing. They have a wide cuff so they are easy to get on and off. I used Bernat Softee Baby in Candy Baby and an F hook to make these.

And I finally got the heel done on my second Monkey sock. I'm about to turn the heel and pick up the gusset stitches. Hopefully they will be done in a few days. fingers crossed.

Yarn Dyeing

This is the yarn I dyed. It looks much nicer in the pictures. I'm going to make socks for me with the pink. The darker color in it is burgundy. I figure if I don't like the look of the socks I will just over dye them in the burgundy. There is no helping the purple and green. I think I'll make children's socks with it and donate them, I think kids will like the color but it is not for me.

I knit a little swatch with it because I thought I might like it knit up but I just disliked it even more.
It does photograph well though.
I'll have to wait until next month to try again. No money to buy more yarn. Plus I'm tired of skeining it over and over. All those tangles make me crazy.
I'm up to the heel on my second monkey sock. I'll work on that tonight, I love doing the heels.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Little things...

It was a lazy day here on Long Island. It was so cool it feels like October. Ronin slept the day away while I worked on small projects. I knit a baby hat, crocheted a washcloth and 4 granny squares. Tonight I am going to work on my sock. I was hoping to have it done by this weekend but it didn't work out that way. Today's NASCAR race was rained out so I will spend tomorrow on the couch watching the race, it's supposed to rain here tomorrow so I'll get a lot more knitting or crocheting done.

I tried dyeing some more yarn yesterday, it came out pretty bad. I can't seem to get the hang of making the colors lighter. They come out so vibrant, which is OK if that is what you want. I wanted a little more pastel. So now I've got 440 yards of violet and bright green yarn. It looks like Halloween to me. I also learned that I should not use the whole skein until I start getting results I like. Live and learn.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pumpkins taking over....

My pumpkin and gourd vines are taking over, they've grown across the grass and up onto the deck. They grabbed onto the BBQ so I had to redirect them.They are growing over the fence and thru the little fence that keeps the dog out. It looks like its going to be a great crop.

Sweater Dress Pattern

 This dress should fit a 6-8 lb newborn baby.  
  G7 hook light WW yarn such as Simply Soft or Pound of love.  
Bodice- Ch 36  
row 1: DC in 4th CH from hook and next 3 chs,  3DC in next ch, DC in next 5 chs, 3DC in next ch, DC in next 10 chs, 3DC in next ch, DC in next 5 chs, 3DC in next ch, DC in last 5 chs. Ch 2, turn. 
 rows 2-5: DC in each DC across, putting 3DC in center DC of 3 DC group below.  Ch 2, turn. 
 row 6: DC across to center of first 3dc group, ch 4, dc in center of second 3dc group, DC across to center of third 3dc group, ch 4, DC in last 3dc group, DC to end. Ch 1, turn.  
Click here to see pictures of how to make armholes (row 6)    
rows 7-10: HDC in first st and each st across. Ch 1, turn. Join at end of row 10. Do not Chain 1 at the end of row 10. When you get to the end of the row just join to first hdc of row 10.   
Skirt- worked in rounds 
 round 1: Ch 2, DC in same st, *DC in next st, 2DC in next st* around. End 1dc in last  st. 
 round 2: Ch2, DC, ch1 , 2dc in joining st. *skip 2 sts (2dc, ch1, 2dc)in next st* around. Join to ch2 of first shell. 
 rounds 3-10: sl st to ch1 sp, (ch2,dc, ch1, 2dc) in ch1 space. (2dc, ch1, 2dc) in each ch 1 space around. Join to ch 2 of first shell.  
round 11: sl st to ch1 space, (ch 2, 4dc) in space. Work 5dc in each space around, join. 
 round 12: ch 1, sc in each dc around. join, finish off.  
Sleeves- Attach yarn at middle st under arm.  
rows 1-8: Ch 2, DC in each st around, join.  
row 9: ch1, sc in each st around, join. finish off.  
Back and neck trim-  Join yarn in the back opening of the left side, ch1, sc up the side, 3sc in corner, sc around neck, 3sc in corner, sc down right side placing 2 buttonholes evenly spaced.  finish off.  

 2007 Kelly Kearney If you make one as a gift, please consider making one for charity. Do not sell pattern. Do not post pattern on another site, please post just the link. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Baby Dress & Sweater #14

This is the Winter dress pattern I'm working on. I've got it written up, just need to clean it up a little then I will get it posted. I also made little pants to go with it. Since it is for winter it needs to be warm. Can't have little legs hanging out with nothing on them.

And here is sweater #14, its my overlap sweater pattern . I used Bernat softee in Candy baby and a size "G" hook. I made it a little smaller than the pattern calls for. It should fit about a 5lb baby.

I've been plugging away on my second Monkey sock. I hope to get it finished by the end of the week. I dyed some yarn yesterday and I can't wait to see what it looks like knit up. It didn't come out exactly the colors I wanted, the pink is too dark. But it should be pretty as a sock.


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Flickr photos

I spent some time this afternoon adding links to my photos at Flickr. I've had requests for patterns for some of the items I've made. I hope this helps. When I add new photos I'll add
links at the same time.

You won't find patterns for most of the knit baby hats because I just sort of make them up as I go along.


What I'm up to

First just a simple knit hat.

This is my pullover sweater using pound of love in turquoise and white. I really like this one.

And finally this little outfit which I love. Sorry I don't have a pattern for it. I just sort of made it up as I went along. But the pants you can make using my Baby Shorts pattern. I used Pound of love yarn and a g hook. For the top of the pants I did 10 rounds instead of 12 and the legs are 14 rounds of DC and 1 of SC to finish it off.

I'm working on the pattern for a winter dress for a baby girl. I like creating patterns I just don't like trying to write it down. But I am being good and writing it down as I go along. I didn't do that with the pink sweater above. I figured I'd do it when I was done, then I couldn't remember exactly what I did.

I haven't started my second Monkey sock yet. Maybe tonight. First I want to get this dress done.

Well I guess I should get back to work then.


Sunday, August 5, 2007

2 more sweaters

I got 2 more sweaters done this week, actually 3. The third just needs buttons and ends woven in. I have to make a hat to go with the orange one. I'm starting to do fall things now so I'm not spending all of September working with orange yarn.
These two sweaters were made using my pattern which you can find in the sidebar (Kellys Sweater). They are also both made with mill ends so I have no idea what kind of yarn they are.

I have some ideas for some new patterns. I'm going to try and work on them this week. One is for a baby dress for winter and the other idea is for American Girl Dolls for halloween.

This afternoon I've got to bag and tag some donations and get some crocheting done for the babies. Winter will be here before you know and I want to get a lot of warm items for the babies done.


Saturday, August 4, 2007

One sock down....

I've finally got a Monkey sock done!! I used knitpicks Memories in Rocky Mt. Dusk. I didn't really enjoy knitting it but since I liked how the pattern was working out I kept at it. Now the trick is to do the next one. I'm going to cast on for it tonight. I want to get it done.

Butterfly/Azalea Dress

I've created a new dress from the Butterfly Top and Azalea Dress, basically you start with the butterfly top, then after about 3 or 4 ro...