Sunday, August 5, 2007

2 more sweaters

I got 2 more sweaters done this week, actually 3. The third just needs buttons and ends woven in. I have to make a hat to go with the orange one. I'm starting to do fall things now so I'm not spending all of September working with orange yarn.
These two sweaters were made using my pattern which you can find in the sidebar (Kellys Sweater). They are also both made with mill ends so I have no idea what kind of yarn they are.

I have some ideas for some new patterns. I'm going to try and work on them this week. One is for a baby dress for winter and the other idea is for American Girl Dolls for halloween.

This afternoon I've got to bag and tag some donations and get some crocheting done for the babies. Winter will be here before you know and I want to get a lot of warm items for the babies done.


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Wool Winder said...

These sweaters are adorable! A good reason to learn to crochet...maybe one day.

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