Saturday, August 25, 2007

Monkeys Finished!!!!

George insisted on modeling these.

I finally finished the Monkeys!!

I used Knit Picks Memories yarn (merino) in Rocky Mountain something or other. I think its "Dusk". I didn't make any modifications. The heel is little long but its not really a problem. I think they came out pretty damn good for my first fancy socks. The only pair I made before were just stockinette. My next pair will be the "Groovy" socks from sockpixie. I'll be knitting them with the yarn I dyed (the pink). I'm not sure how they will look. I started them last night and the color is blocking, you can't really call it pooling because it actually looks like little blocks of color. I ripped them out and am going to start again. Maybe if I start from a different spot they will look different. If not when the socks are done I will throw them into a pot of burgundy dye and see what happens.


alguien que pasaba por ahí said...

jajajajajaja veryyyyy nice and sweeeeety!!!!!!!!!

Sharon said...

Yay! A pair of Monkey socks done, that's an accomplishment, and I know because it took *forever* to do the first one!

They look very cute on George. ^o^

kadezmom said...

I LOVE THOSE SOCKS!!! I've been eyeing that pattern for quite some time. Great job. Love the colorway as well.

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