Saturday, November 17, 2007

Christmas gifts started

I have started the "We call them Pirates" hat for my brother. I'm using Knit Picks Telemark yarn in black and squirrel heather. It is knit on 16" circulars and it is a pain because there is so much more hat than needle. Its all bunched up and I hope that my floats are coming out ok. They really should make 20" circulars for making adult hats. I saw that size in Addi Turbos but they cost $15 a piece. Otherwise I am liking doing the fair isle knitting. I have seen where it is easier if you hold one color in your left hand and the other in your right and knit both continental and throwing at the same time. I tried it but it was very hard on my hands. I went back to throwing both colors and it didn't hurt anymore and I think I was going even faster than before.

I have finished the first stripe on the blanket for cousin and fiance. I am using TLC Essentials, it will be striped with this green and off white. I've never used this yarn before and I am liking it.

I've also been trying to get some baby Santa hats done for the hospital. Between making gifts and making things to sell at Etsy I haven't got much done for them. I'll make up for it after the holidays. I haven'tsold anything at Etsy yet. But I've read that it can take a while to get your first sale. I've decided not to make anything else until I sell something. Of course that could change once I get an idea for something new to make.

I think its time for a nap, I'm not feeling so good today and want to get some knitting done. Maybe a little nap or a big cup of coffee will help me get motivated.
Enjoy your weekend!


Wendy said...

Oh I love the Hat......Wish I was a knitter, my 16 year old nephew would love that hat for Christmas. Oh well maybe one of these days I will actually be able to call myself a knitter. For now I am just "learning". I alos like the afghan. I felt the TLC essentials at the store yesterday, and I liked the feel of it and the colors were very nice. Maybe I will have to get some and work with it. Making a hat and scarf with NOBO trim, for my neice for Christmas. Have a great day and hope you are feeling better.

Christina said...

The hat looks so pretty and i love that shade of green you're using!

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