Thursday, December 20, 2007

Garbage Disposal

So if you have an akita you don't need a trash compactor. Just give the empty milk and egg cartons to a dog who has a little extra energy to burn off and you kill 2 birds with one stone. I'm sure the dog whisperer would love this behavior, encouraging your dogs destructive behavior is a big no-no. But it keeps him busy and quiet and I don't have to crush the garbage to get it in the can.
I have finished up knitting all of my gifts. I just have to sew the buttons on the neckwarmer for my aunt. I'll try to get pictures tomorrow. Unfortunately I don't have alot of gifts for my family but that is what happens when you are on a fixed income. Hopefully by next Christmas I will be gainfully employed. That is my goal for the new year.
I don't really talk about myself personally on this blog. So I'll give it a try now. In a nutshell as they say. I don't work because I suffer from clinical depression and OCD. I am on medication for both. My old meds wore off about this time last year so I am on new ones. They seem to be working well so I am looking into going back to work. I'm on SSI because the judge did not feel I was eligible for disability since I told my dr i felt "good" on the meds. So anyway, the state has a program for disabled people to go back to work. They provide job training and anything else you might need to help you on your way. I have already taken the first steps and just need to get my paperwork in so I can meet with a counselor. Hey that wasn't so hard, now you know a little more about me.


Wendy said...

Thank you for sharing some about yourself.....Now I know a little more about you....You are very caring and generous...You love to make things and design, you have a gorgeous fur baby, You can knit and crochet, and life has thrown you for a loop, but you are not letting it get the best of you.....
I recieved my beautiful Christmas card today....Thank you....
Big Michigan Hugs

Christina said...

Thanks for sharing! Its always nice to know a little about crafty friends. Sounds like you've got a good handle on things with your new meds. Best of luck finding work next year! Merry Christmas!

Eliea said...

I very much love your blog! I found it looking for a sweater pattern and have been reading off and on since. :)
I totally understand what you mean about the depression not on a personal level but I work with clients who have the same problem. It's so frustrating! I'm an office manager for a therapy office and so I really do see this sort of thing all the time. *hugs* I wish you great luck on your venture for the new year!

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