Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm back....

Hey there! Well I'm finally over the flu. I have been for at least a week, I just haven't felt like blogging. I know I'm a bad blogger. I've been working on promoting my Etsy shop and making some more items to list. I've got 2 more doll dresses and 2 more baby sweaters. I hope to get pictures taken and get them listed this week. Hopefully the promoting will help me get some sales. I've joined facebook and some other sites that promote the selling of handmade goods. The only thing with them is that they are all other etsians and I see lots of things I want to buy. Not good. I'll have to have some self control until I sell a couple of things.

I've got lots of pictures of baby things I've made for Southside hospital. I didn't feel like downloading them right now so I'll try to get to that tomorrow.

Well enjoy your night and I'll try to be a better blogger, promise.



Christina said...

Glad you're feeling better!

kadezmom said...

I'm so glad that you're feeling better....and I totally understand about the many things to buy on etsy. It's scary.

Kelly said...

Thanks ladies!

Shelly, I'm going to buy my spring/summer bag from etsy. I'm scouting out all the ones who make pocketbooks.

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