Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Some WIPs finished

I got some of my WIPs done this weekend. They were mostly baby things and I washed and packed them up without taking pictures. There were 2 light blue sweaters with matching hats and one knit hat. And I worked on something I can't tell you about yet. But I was bad and started 2 more projects without finishing the others that I have going.

I've been spending too much time online trying to promote my Etsy shop. Its getting me nowhere so I'm going to spend more time creating and less time online. I'll just let things play out for now and see what happens.

My blog is boring me too, it needs some sprucing up so I will be working on the sidebar in the upcoming days and maybe add a new pattern or 2.

And lastly (is that a word?), anyway, I just signed up to join the PunkRock Gift Exchange . I have never done one before but it looks like fun so I thought I'd join in. I'll be posting about it so come back to see whats happening. It officially starts March 10.


Have I mentioned how annoying it is that blogger won't let you make separate paragraphs or it puts in their own wherever it feels like!!!


Wendy said...

I am working on an afghan and can not wait to get it done, I have some gorgeous yarn waiting to be crocheted into some sock, and purses..I usually do not mind having more than one thing going on, but I know that if I start with the socks or purses, that I will completely forget about the afghan....Oh and now you have me so curious about what you working on....shame on you...
Hope are having a blessed night

Wool Winder said...

I've only heard one other person complain about Blogger and paragraphs. I use Blogger and have never experienced any problems. My husband has several Blogger accounts and they work fine too. I wish I knew what to tell you to do. It must be irritating.

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