Sunday, March 16, 2008

and the secret project is.....

Socks for my mom for her birthday!! I can finally post about these damn socks. First I should start with the fact that moms birthday is February 3 and I just gave to socks to her yesterday. I started them early enough to have them for her b'day but I got the flu while about halfway thru the first one. Then the second f#%&#n sock just would not cooperate. I did the ribbing then got about 2 inches or so into it and made a mistake. Because of all the yarn overs it was hard to frog and pick up the right amount of stitches. So I got back to where I was and made another mistake. This time it had to be ripped out completely. Now I finally get thru it, hold it up to the first sock and the foot is about an inch shorter than it should be. GRRRR!!!! There was a lot of cursing going on at this point. I decide I will give them to her, let her try them on and make a second sock to match which ever one fits. Sort of like Cinderella except Cindy got her prince and I got a pair of socks that dont' fit the recipient. Thats right NEITHER sock fit. So now I have to start all over. But now I have to learn how to do them both at the same time so they will end up the same. And my mom was smart enough to suggest I measure her foot. So hopefull she will have a pair of wool socks before the summer gets here.

The pattern is from Sock Pixie. It's the Groovy Socks. The next pair will be made in purple.

Those I'll be able to share as I go since mom knows about them.


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