Sunday, June 15, 2008

Kelly's Sweater for AG dolls

Here is the sweater pattern like my baby pattern. I don't have a picture right now. Dad has the camera. But it looks just like the Kelly sweater for babies. I'll add a picture when I get one. I just wanted to share the pattern and not make you wait anymore ( you know who you are). So here it is and don't forget to check out the armhole tutorial if you don't know how to make armholes.

Kelly's Sweater for American Girl Dolls

WW yarn Size G-7 Hook

V-st.: (dc, ch 1, dc) in same stitch

Chain 35

Row 1: dc in 3rd ch from hook and in next 2 chs, V-st. in next ch, dc in next 5 chs, V-st. in next ch, dc in next 8 chs,
V-st. in next ch, dc in next 5 chs, V-st in next ch, dc to end. (Ch 2, turn)

Rows 2-4: dc in each dc, V-st in each ch 1 sp. (Ch 2, turn) at end of row 4 ch 1 and turn.

Row 5: sc in each dc, work (sc, ch 1, sc) in each ch1 sp.(Ch 1, turn)

Armholes: (to see armhole tutorial click here)

Row 6: sc across to ch 1 sp, sc in ch 1, ch 4 and skip all sc to next ch 1 space, sc in sp and each st across to next ch 1 sp., sc in sp, ch 4, skip all sts until last ch 1 sp
sc in last sp and each sc to end. (ch 2, turn)

Row 7: dc in each sc and chain across row. (ch 2, turn).

Rows 8-15: dc in each dc across row. (ch 2, turn).

Edging: At end of row 15, ch 1. Work sc up the front side of sweater forming buttonholes* where desired. Put 3 sc in corner, work sc around neckline, 3 sc in next corner, sc evenly down last side of sweater, ch 3 in last corner, sc across bottom, 2sc in last st and join to first sc of edging. Finish off.

*buttonholes: sc, ch 3, sc in next st. You can chain whatever # you need to fit the buttons you are using. I used one large button for the sample and I had to ch 5.*

Sleeves: join to middle of under arm, ch 2 and dc in each ch and sc around armhole. join. Ch2 and dc around for a total of 8 dc rows. Finish with one sc row. ( 9 rows total).

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

American Girl doll patterns

Some of you have asked me for more patterns for American Girl dolls. I am currently working on a version of my Kelly's Sweater for Dolls. Until I get that done here are some offsite patterns I found at Ravelry. Her stuff is really pretty.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Plant a tree...or 3

We were going to plant a new tree on our front lawn but ended up with 3. The other 2 are in the backyard.

"Red Spire" Bradford Pear
Coral Bark Japanese Maple
Purple Flowering Plum "Thundercloud"

Butterfly/Azalea Dress

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