Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Gifts

For Aunt J & Uncle T:

For Cousin Joe:

For Grandma:

For Little Brother & Girlfriend:

For Aunt J & Uncle A:

For Momma:

These are the lapghans I made for my family for Christmas, they were made on my knitting machine. The top 2 pictures are sweaters for my Cousins pomeranians.
Hope you all enjoyed your holidays!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh you were busy! What's the hardest part, deciding who gets what? I love all your color combos.

Lupie said...

The doggie sweaters are so cute and the lapghans are amazing.

Lynnette said...

Great lapghans! What a lucky family you have to be gifted with them :)

Pirk said...

I really like the second sweater body pattern, it would be nice on a mitten or glove. I don't have a dog, so I'm thinking of other uses for this nice pattern.
How many needles do you have on your machine? I think I have 120 in my bulky one.

Great afghans, really nice and I am sure your family was very happy.

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