Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Feedback needed....

HI!! I need some help, I've been having a lot of problems trying to figure out the true sizes of my patterns. This picture is my onsie pattern next to a store bought one (size 5-8 lbs.) So I have some questions for those of you who have made my pattern and used it on your baby and those of you who have used the store bought kind. If you could help I would really appreciate it.
1) Do you find the length of the store bought onsie is a good length? It seems long to me, but I don't have any children so have never actually used them.
2) Have you used mine on your baby and did it fit?
3) This is more a preference, do you think the tab on mine is good or should I do the bottom more like the store bought one? I kind of like that one, it probably covers the diaper butt better.

Thanks ahead of time!!!!


Anonymous said...

I think your onesie is very cute. In my experience, many store bought onesies are a bit droopy in the crotch/tush area, especially when your baby is at the front end of the sizing (i.e. 6 lbs in a 6-8 lb size). I used disposable diapers, which were absorbant yet thin, and probably reduced the expected bulk of the tush. Maybe store onesies are designed to accomodate cloth diapers, too? I do think the tab on the store onesie will give better tush coverage unless you simply lengthen the legs of yours to make more of a "boy short." Hope that helps. Heather

Kelly said...

Thanks Heather, I'm going to try the fuller back.

Noelle said...

Well, first off, onesies differ greatly from one company to another, so you are just estimating a size anyway. To get a better idea of sizing, you might want to include a torso length measurement, and it would be easier for people to understand how your sizing would affect their baby. My baby was long and skinny, so onesies that had a boy short fit lasted longer than the other ones with round leg openings. Hope that helps a little!

lauren said...

I've made some of your other patterns and they are cute- but this is kinda....weird. Sorry but I strictly adhere to the idea that some things should not be crocheted/knitted..

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