Sunday, November 15, 2009

How to make a Sweater

I get a lot of questions asking about the construction of the sweater patterns I have. I have sat down and taken pictures of each step as I made it. You will need to print out the Cardigan Pattern to use with this. I am not posting the pattern here, just the "how to". This will help you make any of my sweaters and any you may find on the web as they are all basically the same.

1. This is what it will look like after row 1.
2. This is after Row 5. The next row will form the armholes.

3. This is row 6 and forms the armholes.

4.Here you get a better look at what the sweater will look like after row 6 is complete.
You have now formed the yoke of the sweater and the next row
will start the body of the sweater.

5. This is row 7, this is where you crochet in the chain 6 of row 6.

6. This is the front edge after you have completed the body of the sweater.

7. This is the buttonhole on the left front. Sorry the picture isn't great.

8. Where the hook is is where you joing to make the sleeve. It doesn't matter exactly where you join, usually about the middle.
You are joining in the unused loops of the chain 6 that formed the armhole.

9. Voila!!! This is your finished sweater!!

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