Saturday, May 22, 2010

Artsy Saturday

I went to a couple of art shows today. One was at the Nassau County Museum of Art. These sculptures are all over the landscape of the Museums grounds. It was an Art & Crafts show. I saw some beautiful things, unfortunately everything was out of my price range. The only thing I could afford was this hank of alpaca yarn. It is so soft, there are 220 yards. The woman had 3 little alpacas with her, I think they were young because they seemed smaller than what I have seen on tv. I forgot to get a picture of them. They were already shorn.
There were supposed to be demonstrations at this show but I didn't see anything so I was a little disappointed.
I plan on travelling Long Island this summer, I can't really afford a vacation so I will go to some places here on the Island and this was my first trip.
I 'll be blogging about my travels, I am thinking that Montauk Point will be my next journey, it is the farthest point east on Long Island and has a lighthouse.
Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Anyone else do this??

I have 10 books in my knitting library. I have only made one thing from them all, a burp cloth from Mason Dixon. After looking at them stacked on my shelf I have decided to try and use them. My first thought was to pick a book and knit some or all of the patterns in it. I didn't really like that idea so I have decided to knit one project from each book. This will be my spring/summer project. The first book I picked (its really more like a leaflet) is by Cabin Fever, it is called "Baby-V, No Sew Knitting: Top down, v-neck cardigans for preemie to 18 months". I got it from Patternworks. I am doing the first pattern in the book, I'm using Bernat Baby softee in Peach. This book has good directions. It contains patterns for 8 different sweaters. They all use DK weight yarn and size 3 & 5 needles. At the end of the book are hat and sock patterns to match the sweaters. I picked the simplest sweater to start with. Just a basic cardigan. I'll post some pictures of it later, I messed up the buttonhole so I have to frog 2 rows and fix it. Well, I guess I should get back to knitting.
Have a great week!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Contest Progress

How is everyone doing with the challenge? I have about 14 outfits done. I am trying for 25 so I guess I'm a little behind. I'm also a little tired of making them so I am on a blanket break. Also, I've been knitting some red, white & blue preemie hats. Then there is the fabric that needs to be made into little blankets and bubble rompers. It was too nice to stay inside today and will be tomorrow too. But they are saying rain for Tuesday so I'll try and get some sewing done then.
Enjoy your week!

Friday, May 14, 2010

My First Knit Shawl

I made this shawl using mill ends wool I got from Brown Sheep, I have no idea what it is. I just know that its wool. This used about 5 hanks. Its knit from the tip up to the widest part. This will be sent to an elder on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

Don't you just love this blanket? Its made in strips instead of squares. I used "I Love this Yarn". I'm not really sure how much yarn I used because I used partial skeins. Its been sitting in a bag for a few months waiting for the last strip to be knit. I didn't think I had enough Ivory to finish. I have been waiting for Hobby Lobby to put the yarn on sale but they haven't.
Well the other day I got sick of looking at it so I figured I would work the last strip until I ran out of yarn and maybe I could find a ball in my large leftover collection to match. As it turns out there was enough Ivory with about 2 yards to spare.
I just started another one using Pound of Love in off white, light blue and denim blue. It is supposed to be a gingham look which I didn't do with the brown and green. So I thought I'd try it in blues.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Baby T-Shirt

Boys T-Shirt  

Size: Newborn 
Hook: G-7 
Yarn: Bernat Baby Sport 
Guage: 4sts per inch, 2 rows per inch 
  Chain 36  Row 1:  dc in 4th ch from hook and next 3 chs,  3 dc in next ch,  dc in next 5 chs,  3 dc in next ch,  dc in next 10 chs,3 dc in next ch,  dc in next 5 chs,  3 dc in next ch,  dc in last 5 chs.  ch 2, turn.   rows 2-5: dc in each dc across putting 3dc in center  dc of 3dc group below. Ch 2, turn.   row 6: dc across to center of first 3dc group, ch 4, skip  across to next 3dc, dc in center st and each st across to  center st of 3rd dc group, ch4, skip to last 3dc put dc in  center of 3dc group and across to end. ch 2, turn.   *Armhole construction tutorial*  row 7: dc in every dc and chain. Join, ch 2. 
 row 8: dc in next 4 sts, *(2dc in next st, dc in next 5 sts)*  work from *to* around.  It won't work out evenly, just dc in however many stitches  you have left after the last increase. ( The sample I made is wrong, I will correct this  to tell you how many dc's to the end)  rows 9-16: ch 2, dc around. Join.  For row 17 you can sc around, I did the "crab stitch" which is also called reverse single crochet.  Sleeves-  Attach yarn at middle st under arm.   rows 1-4: Ch 2, DC in each st around, join.   row 5: ch1, sc in each st around, join. finish off. (I also did reverse crochet for the last sleeve row.)  Back and Neck trim:  Join yarn in the back opening on the left side,  Ch 1, sc up the side, 3sc in corner st,  sc across neckline, 3sc in corner st,  sc in next, chain 3, sc in same end of row.(buttonhole) sc evenly down right side. finish off.  Sew button on left side of back opening across from buttonhole.  You can make my Shorts Pattern to make a complete outfit.  

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