Saturday, May 22, 2010

Artsy Saturday

I went to a couple of art shows today. One was at the Nassau County Museum of Art. These sculptures are all over the landscape of the Museums grounds. It was an Art & Crafts show. I saw some beautiful things, unfortunately everything was out of my price range. The only thing I could afford was this hank of alpaca yarn. It is so soft, there are 220 yards. The woman had 3 little alpacas with her, I think they were young because they seemed smaller than what I have seen on tv. I forgot to get a picture of them. They were already shorn.
There were supposed to be demonstrations at this show but I didn't see anything so I was a little disappointed.
I plan on travelling Long Island this summer, I can't really afford a vacation so I will go to some places here on the Island and this was my first trip.
I 'll be blogging about my travels, I am thinking that Montauk Point will be my next journey, it is the farthest point east on Long Island and has a lighthouse.
Have a good weekend.

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Edna Melo said...

Hi Kelly!
Linda postagem. Adorei as fotos!

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