Sunday, May 16, 2010

Contest Progress

How is everyone doing with the challenge? I have about 14 outfits done. I am trying for 25 so I guess I'm a little behind. I'm also a little tired of making them so I am on a blanket break. Also, I've been knitting some red, white & blue preemie hats. Then there is the fabric that needs to be made into little blankets and bubble rompers. It was too nice to stay inside today and will be tomorrow too. But they are saying rain for Tuesday so I'll try and get some sewing done then.
Enjoy your week!


Crochet Princess Beth said...

Those little outfits are so pretty! Where did you find the diaper cover pattern? Did you design that too? I'm still busy working on my baby things! So is my friend Chris! Hugs!

Kelly said...

this is the diaper cover pattern:

Lisa said...

I have 10 items done. I'm saving sewing the buttons on all of them for last. LOL!

I had a question: Did you want to receive the items by the 21st? Or can we mail the by the 21st?

Kelly said...

Hi Lisa! I always sew on the buttons as I finish a project. If I had to do them all at once I'd go crazy!

If the items are prewashed you can wait until the 21st to mail them. If not please have them to me by the 21st so I can wash them.
I will be going away for the 4th of July so I need to make the delivery before that.

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