Thursday, August 26, 2010

Calling all knitters!!!!

I need some pumkin, apple or fruit hats for my fall delivery to the hospital. I realize that I cannot make enough on my own so if anyone wants to help I would really appreciate it.
Here are some patterns I found:

Pumpkin Hat with rolled brim
Becky's Fruit hats
Apple a Day Hat
Apple Hat
Pumkin Hat
Tutie Cutie Fruity hats

Side to Side pumpkin hat
Pumpkin Beanie
Tomato Hat with Brim
Candy Corn Hats

or you can use any pattern you like, just add a little stem. They should be from 12" to 14". Please send hats by Sept 25.

Send hats to:
Bellas Babies
48 Cedar Drive
Farmingdale NY 11735



Susie M said...

Hi Kelly,
Would this hat from Susan Kraus' website be ok if you added the vines?
I really like this hat pattern and use it all the time to make hats for God's Tiny Angels group. Also, how soon would you need the hats if I get a chance to make some?

Kelly said...

That would be fine if you added a little stem. I will need them around Sept. 25 or so.

Rachiella said...

Hey! I would love to make some of those pumpkin hats with the rolled brim for you. (:

Do you have a preference as to what size I make them? Newborns or infants? Or both?

Kelly said...

Newborn will be good.

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