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Hat Sizing

Hello! I have been receiving preemie hats that are just too small. I checked with the nurses at Southside Hospital and they are in need of hats that are 11"-12". If they are knit they can be as small as 10" with ribbing so they stretch. I have received hats from readers of my blog that are 8-9" around and they are just too small, preemie heads don't come that small. Even the tiniest ones are 10".
Just wanted to let you all know. Thanks!!!

It's Christmas Baby

I finally got my holiday things for the babies done. Now I'm going to take a break and work on some projects I've been wanting to try. This is some of what I've made for the babies at Southside. The little blankets with hats & booties are for the preemies. There are 16 all together, 4 of each fabric.