Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Sox Rock!

I LOVE knitting baby socks. They are so quick, I knit each sock in an evening.  While I love parts of making socks it can get a little boring when working the leg or the foot. This totally eliminates the boring parts.  The ribbing goes right into the heel (my favorite part) then 9 rows for the foot and then the toe decreases. I used Wildfoote by Brown Sheep and a size 2 needle.  I have plenty of yarn left to make a couple more pair. These will be going to Pine Ridge Reservation since I can't use wool for the hospital I work with here.

Monday, January 17, 2011


 I got these fleece blankets at Walmart for $4 each.  They already had the blanket stitch edging so all I had to do was crochet a border on. I couldn't resist making little monkey hats to go with the monkey blankets, which are pastel green, the picture doesn't show the color well.  For the pink polka dot blanket I made the striped sweater using the colors of the dots. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Now that Christmas is over I can share some of the gifts that I made. First is a tea cosy I knit for my Uncle. I used Cascade 220 Paints which is a superwash wool. I used a darker variegated yarn so if it got tea dripped on it it would not show. The pattern is called “A Cup of Christmas Tea” that I purchased at Ravelry. I had to learn to do an I-Cord cast on and an I-Cord bind off. They were pretty easy and give the edges a real finished look.

The next gift I knit was the “3 A.M. Cable Hat” that I made for my cousin. I used Cascade 220 in a blue/black twisted colorway.

Then there are these adorable wine bottle toppers I knit to put on the wine I was bringing to parties.They were a big hit and I plan on making more next year. They were made with regular Red Heart.

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