Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Heat

Its been awhile since I've posted. I don't have to many finished items to share so I'll tell what WIP'S I have. There is a sock on the needles, I finished the first one and just turned the heel on the second last night. Tonight I hope to pick up the gusset stitches and start the gusset. I am crocheting a baby blanket that I will be selling. I am using Pound of Love and a stitch I found in one of those "100 Afghan Stitches" books. It's a time consuming pattern but it looks pretty. I'm going to be opening an Etsy shop soon so I have to get to work on some things for that. 

My zucchini garden has been amazing. I am growing regular zucchini and round zucchini. They are called '8 Ball'. They are really good. So far I have frozen about a dozen quart size bags of cut up zucchini.  The tomatos are coming in too. Right now it is mostly the grape and cherry ones. I am waiting for the larger ones to start making sauce. 

Well, I think that covers my summer so far. I'll let you know when I finish the socks.

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