Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Round-Up

Well I didn't meet my goal of making 500 items for charity this year. I ended up making about 345.  Maybe for 2012 I'll challenge myself to making so many of an item, like 50 sweaters. Here is a breakdown of some of what I did this year:

Baby Hats-157
Newborn Blankets-13
Preemie Blankets- 10
Sweater Sets- 29
Booties- 12

I wish you all a very Happy New Year!!!


Dorothy said...

Hi Kelly .. wow 345 items for charity is an excellent effort - congratulations. I gave myself a personal challenge a few months ago, to make 50 hats for charity by the end of June but that seems nothing to what you've done. Happy new year to you and yours too. xoxox

Hartyboys said...

Hi Kelly
Wow 345 items for charity your an angel!! I love the idea of setting a challenge to make X number of items for charity I will have to do the same. Thanks for the great idea. As I only started crocheting 7 months ago I think I will have to set my sights a little lower (hee hee)
Happy New Year to you and yours

Cynthia Klocke said...

Kelly.....I think you have done a fabulous job. 345 is nothing to sneeze at. Plus you keep up with the blogs and web site. You go girl!!! My goal for 2012 is to learn to do something new every month.

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