Thursday, July 2, 2015


Hello! So I have found something that seems to be the "in" thing in crocheting. They are called graphgans. Basically you crochet a picture into your blankets. I learned newly popular technique from the Repreat Crafter Me facebook page. If you search "Graphgans" on Pinterest you will find
a lot. There are also different ways to obtain this. I have tried the Corner 2 Corner version. First I made 2 Corner to Corners with solid colors to get the hang of it. Then I designed a heart pattern which I will be sharing here. It seemed an intro was necessary before the pattern. As usual youtube 
is a great place to find a video to show you how to do the "C2C" blankets. Here are the ones I used
to learn:
How to start your Corner to Corner: Corner 2 Corner
How to decrease: Decreasing Corner 2 Corner
Here is the link to doing a C2C graphhan: C2C Graphgans
And if you want to try a c2c graphgans here is how to use bobbins: Bobbin use in C2C

So these are the videos I used if they don't work for you I'm sure there are plenty more to try.

*the blanket in the picture is approximately 18"x18". It is a preemie blanket. I will be putting the written pattern up for it next*



PMSWatchout said...

Approximately how many total ounces of worsted weight acrylic yarn makes up a preemie blanket. I have about 5 oz that I want to use up. Would that be enough?


Kelly said...

It would depend on the size of the blanket. The ones I have made are 18 x 18 inches (or 26 blocks per side) and i used 7oz of yarn.

MaryLou said...

Did you ever post the pattern? I can't seem to find it. Thanks, Mary Lou

Kelly said...

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