Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Sweater with Buttonband

Baby Yarn
Size G hook

Size: newborn

Chain 36

Row 1:

dc in 4th ch from hook and next 3 chs,

3 dc in next ch,

dc in next 5 chs,

3 dc in next ch,

dc in next 10 chs,

3 dc in next ch,

dc in next 5 chs,

3 dc in next ch,

dc in last 5 chs.

ch 2, turn.

rows 2-5: dc in each dc across putting 3dc in center dc of 3dc group below. Ch 2, turn.

row 6: dc across to center of first 3dc group, ch 4, skip across to next 3dc, dc in center st and each st across to center st of 3rd dc group, ch4, skip to last 3dc put dc in center of 3dc group and across to end. ch 2, turn. *Armhole construction tutorial*

row 7: dc in each dc and chain across. ch 2, turn.

rows 8-15: dc in each dc across. Ch 2, turn.

First a few comments on the buttonband for you before you get started. The buttonband is worked up and down the fronts of the sweater for 3 rows. On this sweater I see that I worked 2 sc in the end of each row but sometimes that makes a wavy edge so I do 2sc in one row and 1sc in the next, so its not too tight I go up one size hook for the edging. Also depending on the size of the buttons you will have to adjust how many chain spaces you will need to fit the button. And how many buttons you are using, make the same amount of holes (obviously:).

.Buttonband: work sc up right side of sweater following instructions at the beginning of the pattern. Ch 1 turn, sc in first st, work buttonhole, sc in next. Work down front placing buttonholes accordingly. Ch 1 turn work sc in each sc and chain space up front of sweater.

At top corner put 3sc and work sc around the neckline, put 3sc in corner st, work 3 rows of sc down and up and down the front left side. Put 3sc in bottom corner and sc across bottom edge. Finish off.

Sleeves: join yarn to center stitch at bottom on armhole, DC around.

Work 10 rows total for sleeves

Row11, sc around sleeve.

2010 Kelly Kearney


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