Pattern Links

Here are some of my favorite patterns to use.


Aunt Jen's Sweater (crochet)
Basic Baby Hat (crochet)
Bev's Easy Round Hat (crochet)
Five Hour Baby Sweater (knit)
Newborn Romper (crochet)
Baby Girl Sleeper Set (crochet)
Baby Ripple Dress (crochet)
Peggy's Shell Dress (crochet)
Ripple Baby Gown (crochet)
Bib (crochet)
Blue Orchid Baby Romper (crochet)


Bubble Suit and Preemie Dress (crochet)
Joans Preemie Hat (knit)

Tiny Hearts Preemie Blanket
Preemie Ripple Blanket
Leaping Stripes and Blocks
Dragonfly Blanket 
Box Shell Afghan
Hugs Blanket
Twin Stitch blanket
Kerry Baby Afghan (K)
Flannel Receiving Blankets
Fleece Blankets

Burial Gowns:
Orianna's Bereavement Gown 1-3lbs.
Preemie Shell Angel Gown

Junior Juniper Slippers (4-5 year old)

Hats (kid & adult)


Catherine G said...

Hi. Thank you for these patterns. I have made several sweaters. They are easy. I am using these patterns to teach others to crochet and read patterns! I wonder if you have ever made a baby/infant poncho. I think it would be a nice and easy project for charity. I can't find any patterns online although I have been looking for 3+ days!

Catherine G said...

Hi. Thank you for these patterns: they are easy and I am using them to teach my friends how to follow crochet patterns. (They were afraid to try!) I have made several of your sweaters for gifts and charity. I have added several rows to the bodice and sleeves to make larger sizes. I match the sweaters up to onesies or PJs to get the right measurements. I wonder if you have ever made an infant poncho. It would be an easy project for a gift or charity. I have looked online for days and can't find a pattern for babies anywhere! Appreciate any help! ...and thanks again..

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